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Archiserve Developments work on a small portfolio at all times, ensuring that we are able to deliver the maximum levels of quality and client satisfaction. The majority of our work is either referral from satisfied clients or by clients returning to us for repeat work, safe in the knowledge that we deliver quality time and time again.

A Guide to the Design Process

What do you want to achieve?
In the first instance we meet to discuss your requirements to assess the project to ensure that we can provide you with the services you require.

The Design
A good plan is essential; if the work is to an existing building we would carry out a measured survey which would generate a drawing to enable discussion to determine the best and most practical layout. If it is a new building we can run through your wish list and prepare initial proposal plans and elevation drawings for discussion to help achieve your requirements and expectations. If required we can also provide three dimensional renderings and walkthroughs.

Planning Permission
Some small residential extensions and alterations do not require planning consent as they can sometimes be carried out using general permitted development rights, but the rules vary for certain building and districts, for instance if your property in with a conservation area or it is listed. We will advise you on the situation concerning your property and also on the planning policies which affect the design.

Working Drawings & Building Regulations Approval
Once the design has been finalized, we can develop the drawings for building regulation approval and also prepare detailed working drawings where required.

Consultants Advice
We can recommend suitably qualified consultants to provide structural calculations, cost advice and electrical/ heating/ plumbing designs depending on the complexity of your project.

Appointing a Builder
For larger projects it is important to vet suitable contractors and to check that they are able to resource the project adequately. For all projects we advise that a specification is prepared which details your requirements, to make sure as far as possible that there are no misunderstandings or omissions. We advise that you check the financial status of the contractor before a contract is signed. Once the builder is selected we can prepare a small works contract or, for larger projects, advise on alternative forms of contract suitable for the particular scheme. These state the details of the project, how much and when you will have to pay, the start and completion dated and what happens if problems occur during the course of construction.

Work on Site
We can act as Contract Administrator for the construction phase. In this capacity we would monitor the construction as work proceeds. As part of these duties, we would value the work that has been carried out and confirm the amount that you must pay to the contractor on an Architect’s Certificate. The contractor may encounter unexpected problems and you may require further advice as a result, we can provide additional site visits for these eventualities.

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